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Sex with a virgin girl - E32


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English Sex Story 32

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My name is Vaatsayana. I am 35 years old now but this incident of defloration Indiagirl happened when I was in my 2nd year of graduation and was 19 years old. I am an average Telugu guy from Hyderabad having 5’ feet10 inch height, 65 kgs weight, perfect V-shaped body, and 6 inches long tool.

It was a normal day and I was walking to my college from the bus stop. There was a shortcut from the bus stop to college which passed through a colony of Muslim families. Because I grew up with Muslim friends, I could speak Hindi with a Muslim accent very fluently.

I was walking on the side of the straight road and I could see that a girl driving a TVS scooty coming towards me from a distance of about one kilometre. She was wearing a burka with a wail (black dress which covers the whole body including the face. Only eyes are visible). From her driving, I could understand that she was very new to driving. She was not able to control the vehicle at all.

The road was very narrow and had crossroads every 50 meters or so. She was about 100 meters away from me. Suddenly, a kid came on to the road on a bicycle from the side road. She was shocked and couldn’t control the scooty and collided with the boy’s bicycle from the side. She fell down on the road along with the kid. The kid had bad injuries on knees, elbows, and head and was bleeding. She had injuries on knees and elbows too.

I ran to the spot and picked up the scooty and dragged her and the boy to the side of the road. A lot of people gathered and started scolding her for rash driving. She was really scared and frightened. She started weeping. I saw that it was not just her fault as the boy entered the road from the wrong side too.

The boy’s mother came and started threatening her saying she will give a police complaint and all that. I jumped in and argued with the boy’s mother that she left her son recklessly on the road without any parental responsibility. He was lucky that he was hit by a scooty and not by a car or a bus on that road. Otherwise, he could have even died in the accident.

After listening to this, the boy’s mother stopped blaming the girl and asked me for help. I took both of them to the nearby hospital and helped both of them with the first aid. Fortunately, after the tests, we found that there were no fractures or serious injuries to any of them. It was a matter of minor injuries.

The girl was really scared as she hadn’t informed her parents that she was going to ride the scooty. She didn’t even have a learner’s license. If someone reports her to the police, it would be a serious offense.

All that time, I was looking at her beautiful eyes and trying to guess her facial features. I told her that I can get the scooty repaired so that her parents won’t recognize that there was an accident. I also negotiated with the boy’s mother and got to an agreement that there will be no police complaints if we pay for the treatment of the boy.

After looking at the money the girl had in her handbag, I understood that she was from a rich family. We paid for the treatment and also for the doctor consultations in future. The boy’s mother left the hospital.

After that, I introduced myself to the girl. She thanked me for all the help and introduced herself as Thabassum). The mobile phones were becoming a fashion at that time. So we exchanged mobile numbers.

I dropped her near her home and took the scooty to my friend’s workshop. I got the scooty repaired within 2 hours and returned it to her outside her house. As her guardians were away, she sighed in relief.

I asked her to take some rest and then I left. I bunked the college that day and went to a matinee show. Well, I kind of forgot about the incident altogether as I had sexual relationships with a few other girls at that time.

After a month, I got a phone call from Thabassum. She told me that she has fully recovered now and would like to invite me for a lunch in a posh hotel in the city as a symbol of gratitude. I told her that there was no need for such formalities. She argued with me for a long time and finally convinced me to come for lunch.

I got dressed up with a red boot-cut jean trouser and navy-blue t-shirt. I was neatly shaved and wore a good masculine perfume. She informed me the table number which was located in a private cubicle. It was almost like a separate room!

I went and occupied the table and started looking at the menu. She came and sat in front of me. Again, she was in burka and so I couldn’t figure out her face or anything. I jokingly asked if she is really Thabassum or her mother. She laughed and removed her wail.

She was very very fair and beautiful with a flawless face – big eyes, straight nose, rosy lips and a round face. Her face reminded me of Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor. I admired her beauty and she thanked me for the compliments. I was talking to her in Muslim variant of Hindi. She felt really comfortable with me.

She asked me if I am a Muslim too. I told her that I am not a Muslim but a human just like her with a good heart. She thanked me for being so helpful during the whole episode of the accident. I asked her not to think about it anymore. She was looking at me as if I am the only male in the world.

We had food and started chatting about family background and education. I learned that her mother and father live in UAE and she lives with her grandparents. As they have businesses in another city, they were out of the station most of the times. She had maids and they took care of her while she was home.

She is in her first year of the graduation and 18 years old. I was trying to estimate her body structure but due to the burka, I couldn’t. I asked her to remove burkha as it was too hot outside. At first, she hesitated but finally removed it.

She was wearing a salwar and chudidar with dupatta. She was lean but had big boobs which were stiff. Then I was able to read her figure – 36-24-32 and about 5 feet 8 inch tall. Wow, I got an instant hard-on. I understood that she was from a very orthodox Muslim family which made it impossible for her to talk to a guy outside of her community.

I told her that I can be a good friend to her if she doesn’t mind my religion. She was happy with that. We had lunch and left the hotel in separate ways.

After that day, we used to talk on the phone every day. As her parents were away, she was feeling very lonely. I became a good companion and a friend who was not letting her feel alone. She was really happy for that. We used to meet at different hotels and she started presenting costly gifts like latest mobile phones, perfumes, watches etc. I refused to accept them as I was not offering friendship in exchange of gifts.

I started flirting with her in a funny way. She used to enjoy my sense of humour. Slowly, the topics turned bit personal like first crush, boyfriends, relationships and physical aspects of male and female bodies. She told me that I was her first crush. I thought she was joking but she told me that she had a crush on me. I funnily asked what she can do to prove her crush. She told me anything that I would like, she was ready to do.

So I asked her if I can kiss her lips. She disconnected the call and didn’t talk to me for 2 days. After that, she called me and told me that if there was privacy, then she won’t mind kissing me. I had a lot of friends in my area where there will be no one at their rooms during the college time. So I selected a friend’s room which was in the outskirts of the city with no adjacent properties. I gave her the address and time.

I seriously didn’t think that she will come but wanted to try my luck.

At 10:30 am, an auto stopped in front of my friend’s room. She came! I welcomed her into the room and as soon as she entered the room, I shut the door behind her. She turned around, took her wail and burkha off. She was wearing a pink t-shirt and blue denim jeans. Her boobs were clearly visible with perfect structure.

I opened my arms wide open. She asked me to close my eyes and I did. I could sense that she was walking towards me. She came near to my face and I could feel her breath on my throat. She held my head with both her hands and then slowly touched my lips with hers. An electric shock hit both of us. I had fucked lot of girls but I haven’t got this excited about a kiss before. It was an honest heartfelt kiss.

I started kissing her passionately. I put my tongue in her mouth and she reciprocated by offering her tongue. Then I sucked it slowly and also licked it with mine. She started breathing heavy and told me that it was the first kiss of her life. I felt the purity in that kiss. I hugged her and she hugged me tightly too. Her firm breasts were getting crushed on my hard chest. My tool got rock hard and touched her lower belly.

I kissed all over her face, throat, ears, and eyes. I could sense that she was enjoying that to the core. After a few more hugs and kisses, she told me that it was her birthday. I told her that I was her birthday present.

Then I jokingly asked her to be in the birthday dress if it was her birthday that day. She got confused but then understood that I was asking her to get naked. She blushed but she said that if I can prove it to her that I was her gift, then she will show her birthday dress!

I asked her to close her eyes and she did. Then I searched for a gift ribbon in my friend’s room and got it. I became naked and tied the ribbon on my penis. Then I stood in front of her and told her that the gift was ready. Her face looked priceless when she opened her eyes. Her face had a bit of curiosity, a bit of shyness and a bit of lust. It was a perfect combination.

I then asked for the birthday dress. She asked me to close my eyes and I could hear that she is removing her clothes.

After 10 minutes, she asked me to open my eyes. I opened my eyes and there was a spectacular beautiful young girl with a spotless nude body!

She was so shy that she had shut her eyes. Her skin tone was very fair. Her boobs were round with brown tits. She had slime waist 26 and a 32 bum. She had no pubic hair on her pussy: and her pussy: itself was so cute that wanted to be eaten straight away. But I wanted to give a gift for life – an experience she will cherish for life.

I asked her to keep her eyes closed. I went behind and kissed her neck and earlobes. She moaned. I bit on her right shoulder and she moaned again. Then I kissed pretty much every place on her back. She started breathing heavily and started moaning loudly. At some point, she couldn’t cope and turned around and hugged me.

I felt her hard nipples on my chest. I lifted her and carried to the bedroom. Slowly I put her on the bed. Then I slowly started working on the front of her body. I kissed her lips, throat, cleavage, tits, tummy, belly button, groin, thighs, knees and foot. Then I worked my way up to the pussy:. On every stop, she emitted a lustful moan.

I opened her thighs wide and kissed her pussy:’s inner lips. It was wet with juices. This time she screamed my name. I licked her pussy: for 5 minutes and she got an orgasm. She forced my head on to her pussy: with her hands as if she wanted my head in her pussy:. She became unresponsive for 5 minutes. Then I asked her if she liked my birthday present. She kissed my forehead and told me that it was the most precious gift of her life.

I hugged her as if I wanted to crush air between us and then started slowly sucking her tits. She started calling my name. I sucked her whole breasts inside my mouth alternatively. She gave an expression as if she was breathless. Then I started rubbing my penis on her pussy: which was very wet with our own orgasmic juices. She couldn’t resist lifting her bums up forcing my penis into her pussy:.

The penis head went into her pussy: and she screamed with pain. I started giving small thrusts and she became a bit adjusted to my tool.

Without any warning, I pushed my tool into her hole with full force. She screamed in pain and I could feel the warm blood coming out of her pussy:. I broke her cherry and took the virginity of a girl on her 18th birthday. She was so tight that I was enjoying the grip of her pussy: around my tool.

I kissed her lips and sucked her breast as if I wanted to swallow the breasts. She enjoyed that feeling again and forgot that her cherry broke. I started giving gentle strokes.

I looked at her face which showed a girl who surrendered herself to me with her heart and soul. Her pussy: muscles were massaging the sensitive parts of my penis. I started giving deep slow strokes. She started enjoying the feeling. She told me that she was feeling as if I was hitting her belly button from inside.

I increased the speed. She started moaning violently. She was digging on my back with her nails and trying to push me towards her as if she wanted me to merge into her body.

I was fucking her at full speed and after 10 minutes of high-speed fuck, she got an incredible orgasm again. This time her pussy: squeezed my penis so hard that I was about to cum inside her pussy:.

I asked her if it is ok to ejaculate in her. She didn’t understand what I meant. I didn’t care and fucked her for 10 more minutes and ejaculated inside her. She felt my hot juice inside her pussy:. After that, we both dozed off for a couple of hours.

When we got up, it was 2 pm and we were hungry. We booked the same hotel which had privacy for lunch. Then we cleaned our bodies, got dressed, went and had lunch. After that, I dropped near her home. That day, she called me and we were talking about the first fuck session almost all night.

The next day, we planned for a similar session in another friend’s room. This time, I trained her to give blowjobs. After 2 days of training, she became a master bj expert. She was the only girl who could make me cum in 5 mins blowjob session. I fucked her in her ass the next time. That was even more pleasurable for her.

From the day I fucked her for the first time, I gave her tablets to avoid pregnancy and asked her to take them every day and she did. There was no issue of pregnancy now.

She used to come to any friend’s room and get fucked like my wife. She was so addicted to me that she used to demand me to fuck her on the road at the night if none of my friend’s room was available. I even fucked her on the road at 2 am in the night near her home when there was no power.

This continued for 4 years until her graduation was completed and her parents got her a job in UAE. Before she left, she spent 1 full week with me in Goa. We fucked each other at least 5 times a day in all holes.

She used to come to my city to visit her grandparents every 6 months just to get fucked by me. I have never seen any girl who got so obsessed with sex. Probably she is addicted to orgasms that I used to give her on every fuck session.

She is now married to an Arab guy but she still visits her grandparents every year and I leave it to your imagination on what happens between us.

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