Sunday, July 18, 2021

PI - New digital Currency

 I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 10 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (audioxstory) as your invitation code.

If you want to install PI in your phone and mining PI digital currency in your phone then install it in your phone by clinking my invitation link above.

You don`t need to keep this application open at your phone all 24x7.

It won`t drain your mobile date as well as mobile battery.

 Here is the procedure to setup.

while you opening this application after installation.

You will see the screen like above. You can login with your Facebook ID or Signup with your mobile Number.
I did with my mobile Number. If you also try with mobile number then you will see the below screen.

You have to select your country and enter your mobile number like below image.

 Then click on Go. Next screen will look like this.

Enter you password in both Boxes. There is rule for your password. It must be 8 or more characters with at least 1 number 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter. then click on submit.

The next screen will look like this.

In First Name box give your first name. In Last Name box give your Second name or Surname or initial. If you have a middle name then u can set up that after registering this application in profile settings. then choose your user name. after submitting this screen then the next screen looks like this.
Type audioxstory at the invitation code box to get 1 PI then click on submit. if you do this you will get 1-PI like the below screen.

Here click get started.

Here click on Tap to earn. 

You will see this screen . showing you are earing at the rate of 0.12 pi/hr. Now you can close the app and even u can turn off your internet connection also and comeback to turn on earning after 24 hours. 
After 24 hours the screen will look like this.
Here you can click on Tap to earn again. repeat this activity every 24 hours.
You can invite your friends and if they joined you will get 1 PI as well as while they mining your mining rate will increase by 0.025pi/hr for every person who is mining. Don't worry you will get 0.025pi/hr while I am mining PI if you filled audioxstory as your invitation code.

Hope this digital currency comes like bitcoin one day. Hope you will know the value of Bitcoin. If you don`t know bout the value of Bitcoin the search it like 1BTC in INR (Indian Rupees) or 1BTC in your currency.

That's all. Thank you Very Much.

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